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Working With a Wealth Advisor

* Past performance is no guarantee of future results.

American Strategic Advisors understands that our clients work hard to achieve their personal financial success. We realize that each investor has unique needs and investing philosophies and we base the design of custom portfolios on their personal priorities.

As professional wealth managers, we stay abreast of changing markets keeping a keen eye on suitable
products and strategies for our clients. Through our affiliation with LPL Financial, ASA advisors can offer a multitude of equity options for the individual investor. Depending on the account size, there is a custom strategy available to suit each investor's individual portfolio. We have also developed several core product packages based on their market performance*.

Additionally, for those clients who enjoy individual equities, the “ASA 25” is our default portfolio, and represents our best ideas, and are updated continually.

Contact us today to begin the conversation so we can help you discover the suitable class of products for your investment portfolio.